the project

Fierce Females is a community for cis AND trans women, non-binary individuals, two-spirit people and LGBTQIA folks to make connections, become mentors and most importantly, be themselves! To better serve this community I have created a closed Facebook group that will be a safe space for all–a space where we can share ideas, projects, successes and failures. I encourage you all to invite fierce folks that you know in your life to join and participate in the conversations we have there.




Credit: Jaclyn Leskiw


My name is Brittany May and this project sprouted from a broken heart. It was my first real relationship and I look back on it now and recognize that it was an emotionally abusive one. It was just enough to make me believe that I needed to stay and that I wasn’t good enough for someone else. So when he broke up with me I went into a bit of a tailspin, I was lost, he was someone I believed I needed. But I didn't and I would spend the next years reminding myself of that and rebuilding the person that I used to be, strong, smart and powerful. 

I began to learn more about feminism. Feminist was a word that I avoided like the plague, it scared me. The more I learned the more I stopped caring what other people would think if I labelled myself "a feminist". Once I came to the realization that it wasn't such a scary word and that I was, in fact, "a feminist" I wanted to explore what it meant to other women. My knowledge of the word and the movement evolves every single day, especially in this day an age where we are diving into the depths of intersectional feminism. 

The meaning of this project changes with each woman and what feminism means to them and that is the beauty of this project, exploring feminism in all of its facets.


Bucket List

  1. Backpack in Europe
  2. Swim with Dolphins
  3. Graduate Post-Secondary School
  4. Buy a condo
  5. Learn to love running (I loved it for a few weeks at least)
  6. Kiss in the Rain
  7. Travel all over Ireland
  8. Learn how to speak French
  9. See Taylor Swift Live
  10. Climb a Mountain
  11. Get Married
  12. See the Bombers win the Grey Cup
  13. See the Winnipeg Jets win a Stanley Cup
  14. Go to Disney World
  15. Sponsor a child
  16. Spend a whole day in bed
  17. Snowboard in Whistler
  18. Knit a Sweater
  19. Skinny Dip
  20. Live to see 100
  21. Bungee Jump
  22. Go Scuba Diving
  23. Go to Africa
  24. Get a Tattoo
  25. Become a #GirlBoss
  26. Have a big family
  27. Complete Words of War
  28. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride
  29. See Mumford & Sons Live
  30. See the Northern Lights
  31. Own my own dog
  32. Take a vineyard tour
  33. Take a kickboxing class
  34. Hike in a rainforest
  35. See a narwal
  36. Go to Disney World… Again
  37. Touch Big Ben *goes to London, sees Big Ben, does not touch Big Ben...*
  38. Climb The Eiffel Tower
  39. Go on a road trip with no destination
  40. Design and create my own clothes
  41. Drink Guinness in Ireland
  42. Buy a car
  43. Surf in Australia
  44. Take a cooking class
  45. Make a time capsule
  46. Catch a fish
  47. Learn a snowboarding trick
  48. Swim in the Ocean
  49. See an Orca Whale in the Wild
  50. Travel across Canada
  51. Visit New Orleans
  52. Sell a Photograph
  53. Travel somewhere to volunteer
  54. Take part in an archeological dig
  55. Save an animal
  56. Climb Mount Machu Picchu
  57. Meditate in India
  58. Buy my first home
  59. Become a VP of Marketing
  60. Travel to New York again
  61. Road trip with my sister