Music: Said the Whale

Juno Award-winning Said the Whale is a Canadian indie band from Vancouver, British Columbia consisting of Ben Worcester (guitar & vocals), Tyler Bancroft (guitar & vocals), Spencer Schoening (drums), Nathan Shaw (bass) and Jaycelyn Brown (keyboards). The tour stopped in Winnipeg last night at the Garrick Centre to promote their new album Hawaiii.

Said the Whale did not let down. I have seen them once before at Sasquatch! Festival but it was nice to hear them in a more intimate venue. It was a rowdy crowd at the Garrick last night but they handled it swimmingly. They played songs from IslandsDisappear and LittleMountain then finished off with a few from Hawaiii. What I enjoyed most was that they slowed their tempo a few times to allow for some intimate solos by Ben, Tyler and Spencer. Ben sang about losing a love in Curse of the CurrentsTyler sang of his mother's battle and triumph of cancer in Helpless Son" and Spencer showed off his vocal talent in "Seasons". The solos really showed what a well-rounded band they are.

The opening bands for their Winnipeg stop were Dojo Workhourse of Calgary, Alberta and Escondido of Nashville, Tennessee. Both were excellent bands and it was the first show opening up for Said the Whale.

Dojo Workhorse was rock/blues/jazz it was a really interesting mix and it works for the 5 bearded men who stated "you may think we are gross old men, but we have feelings too." I promise, they weren't gross and their music is definitely worth a listen.

I really enjoyed Escondido, Canadian born Jessica Maros has some serious vocal talent and stage presence. Their sound is rock and I want to say country but "western" almost sounds more appropriate. They have the perfect vocal range and talent for their rock/western style of music.

Camilo / I need to see where you make that card go / ‘Cus I got some questions about the world I know / And about the difference between real and show / Camilo