Music: Neon Trees

This alternative rock band from Provo, Utah have been around for a while. I recall hearing about them a few years back with their song "Animal" and I recently came across them again with the release of their new single "Sleeping with a Friend".

The band consists of neighbours turned band mates Tyler Glenn (vocals and keyboards) and Chris Allen (guitar and vocals), they were soon joined by Branden Campbell (bass and vocals) and Elaine Bradley (drums, percussion and vocals).

The band is about to release their third full length album Pop Psychology on April 22. Their two previous albums were Habits (2010), PictureShow (2012). I really enjoy their up beat sound and the vocals are really good, you'll be singing along in no time.

And why mess up a good thing, baby? / It’s a risk to even fall in love / So, when you give that look to me / I better look back carefully / ‘Cause this is trouble, yeah this is trouble
Brittany MayComment