Music: Shakey Graves

Shakey Graves a.k.a. Alejandro Rose-Garcia is a very mysterious man, to Google at least. I happened across him on BandCamp a few months back and I immediately fell for his laid back style, his easy-going voice and the lull of his guitar.

Upon further digging I discovered that Alejandro Rose-Garcia has dabbled in acting. He has worked alongside Antonio Banderas in Spy Kids 3D, the Duff sisters in Material Girls and others dating back to 2000. His latest movie is called Waterloo Sunset, where he plays Sergio, is currently in post-production.

His first EP is titled Donor Blues and his full length album is called Roll the Bones you can find both albums on BandCamp. It's a "name your price" system. However, I would recommend paying at LEAST a $1 for each song you recieve because you're paying for quality music.

He has the banjo thing going for him especially in the track below and an added bonus would be the harmonica. It has a very old timey feeling about it and it's very laid back summer music. My beer drinking album for the summer I think.

I was pleased to discover that he will be performing at the 2014 Winnipeg Folk Festival this summer and I will definitely be in the crowd.