Music: Matt Epp

I saw this beautiful specimen, Matt Epp, when he opened for Serena Ryder in Winnipeg and he is incredible. The singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba has released seven albums and collaborated with artists such as Eliza Gilkyson, Rose Cousins, Serena Ryder, AmeliaCurran and others. Epp began his career with the release of his first album in 2005, he was nominated for awards on Sirius Radio and even lived in Granada, Spain while he toured Europe and made a solo acoustic album Never Have I Loved Like This.

Matt Epp

Epp's discography includes You'll Find Me Alone (2005), Love in Such Strong Words (2006), Orphan Horse (2008), Safe or Free (2009), At Dawn (Matt Epp and the Amorian Assembly) (2011), Valentine -Single (2012), Never Have I Loved Like This (Germany only) (2012) and Learning to Lose Control(2013). He played "This Old House" while opening for SerenaRyder and I absolutely loved the song, not to mention he made us sing along and I always love that.

He was also incredibly humble when my sister and I practically attacked him after the show for a picture and autograph...

This old house has a porch and it wraps around / Like my love for you / Like my love for you / Like my love for you / Like my love for you
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