Music: Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose, born Lucy Rose Parton, is a singer/songwriter from Warwickshire, England. The 25-year-old indie folk artist is multi-talented and can play guitar, piano, keyboards and percussion. She does, however, usually play with a band including guitar player Björn Ågren, drummer Sam Nadel, bassist Simba Bhebhe and multi-instrumentalist, Alex Eichenberger. She is inspired by Canadian singer/songwriters Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.

Lucy Rose has released one full length album in 2012 titled Like I Used To including songs "Middle of the Bed", "Scar" and "Shiver". Lucy Rose has a very delicate, gentle and captivating voice. Below is my favourite "Middle of the Bed", enjoy.


Cause I'm over it, over you / All over the town they say I love you / I'm over it, I'm over you / All over the town


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