Music: Arkells

Today I share with you the indie rock band from Hamilton, Ontario, Arkells. I love when I find some great CAN CON! The band consists of Max Kerman (vocals, guitar), Mike DeAngelis (vocals, guitar), Nick Dika (bass), Tim Oxford (drums, percussion) and Anthony Carone (vocals, keyboard, guitar). Now, my cousin told me about Arkells a few years back but they have just released their third full length studio album titled High Noon. "Come to Light" and "Never Thought That This Would Happen" were the first singles released for this album but I have to say that my favourite is "11:11"

Jackson Square and Michigan Left were the bands first two albums and they have always maintained their indie rock style. "Pullin' Punches" is one of my favourites off of their previous albums. The band even paid tribute to their hometown football team the Hamilton Ticats with "Ticats Are Hummin'"

You made a wish at 11:11 / I held your hips at 12:34 / There was a kiss just waiting to happen / A cab was calling outside the door
Brittany MayComment