Music: Dan Mangan + Blacksmith

THIS GUY! Okay, so I think Dan Mangan wins for most blogged about musician on my blog for sure. I have seen him three times already and just bought tickets to see him under the new moniker, Dan Mangan + Blacksmith. They have released two songs "Mouthpiece" and "Kitsch" from their up coming EP titled Club Meds. Blacksmith is made up of KentonLoewen, GordonGrdina, JohnWalsh (and often JesseZubot, JP carter and Tyson Naylor).

If you asked me why I like the song "Kitsch" I don't know that I could pinpoint something for you. It's everything, first it's the guitar, then it's the voice, then it's the drums and then it's all of it together. It's how it gets really intense then slows right down at the perfect time. Have a listen and the maybe you can make sense of my ramblings.

Call it OLD FASHIONED (Frightened States Of America) / Call it NOSTALGIA (Universal Will To Become) / Just call it something we can all die to