Music: Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon is an indie pop band from Cincinnati, Ohio that formed in 2008. Lead singer, Nicholas Petricca (Lead Vocals, Keys, Synthesizer) came together with fellow band mates, Kevin Ray (Bass, Vocals), Sean Waugaman (Drums, Vocals) and Eli Maiman (Guitar, Vocals).

They have released three albums titled I Want! I Want! (2010), Walk the Moon (2012) and Talking Is Hard (2014). I loved their music instantly it's the kind of sound that you listen to with the windows down and sing at the top of your lungs, always puts a smile on my face. My favourite right now is "Shut Up and Dance", have a listen!

Oh don’t you dare look back / Just keep your eyes on me.” / I said, “You’re holding back,” / She said, “Shut up and dance with me!
Brittany MayComment