Music: The Barr Brothers

My favourite is when I get to share great bands from my homeland! So today I bring you The Barr Brothers, a folk quartet from Montreal, Quebec. Founded by brothers Andrew Barr (drums, percussion, vocals, keys) and Brad Barr (guitar, vocals) and adding Sarah Pagé (harp, vocals, percussion) and Andres Vial (keys, bass, vibes, percussion, vocals).

The band released a self titles album in 2011 with their single, "Beggar In The Morning". This track is so peaceful and it definitely takes me back to Folk Fest days under the trees. "Even The Darkness Has Arms" seems to be the more popular song that you have probably heard, it is a track off of their 2014 album Sleeping Operator.

You can be cruel when you’re wise / You can be wise when you’re blue