Music: Mumford & Sons

SURPRISE, the world has been blessed with a new Mumford & Sons album ! The UK band announced they were coming out with a new album last Monday titled Wilder Mind that will be released May 4th. One week later they released the albums first single titled, "Believe". Do we need to ask if I'm in love?

The band is taking a new electric direction with their third studio album quite different . The song starts in old Mumford territory with a more folky slow pace and builds for the first two minutes until the halting electric guitar kicks in. The song concludes with upbeat, loud, powerful electric guitar, drums and bass. Overall the new sound is refreshing and it fits them, I think the reason it works so well is because they've kept their folk roots and you can tell that in this song.

Say something / Say something / Something like you love me.
Brittany MayComment