Music: Milo Greene

From Los Angeles, California, Milo Greene is an indie-folk band, with four lead singers. Band members Robbie Arnett, Graham Fink, Andrew HeringerMarlana Sheetz and Curtis Marrero on percussion. The band has released two albums, the more folky of the two is self titled album Milo Greene (2012) notable tracks are "1957" and "Silent Way". Control (2015) took a turn towards indie-pop and was released earlier this year, must listen tracks are "White Lies" and "Heartless"

In the song "White Lies" Marlana has a strong voice and it stands out, I also want to shout out to the drums in this song subtle but I would miss them if they weren't present. Have a listen below, it won't disappoint!


Time won’t lie / I’ve suspected this for too long / I’m done trying / To convince you I’m worth holding on


Brittany May1 Comment