SYTYCD: Top 20 Perform

So I have started watching So You Think You Can Dance again this year and I firstly want to say that the women are KILLING IT! So many #FierceFemales on the show this year. Season 12 they decided on Stage vs. Street, now this is something I really appreciate. While dance is a beautifully unifying art form the varying styles are sometimes too different.

While we have seen many a street dancer take the title I'm very happy to finally see that street styles are taking a bigger role on this show. Every week I am going to try and feature my top 3 performances as well as the the performances by #TeamStage and #TeamStreet and which one I liked better that week, so here goes...

Ariana Crowder and Derek Piquette | Jazz | Choreographed by Ray Leeper
I thought these two did a great job performing this piece but what I really liked about it was the choreography. You usually see jazz with an over the top performance facially but you rarely see jazz with a more emotional feel and that's what I loved most and I think these dancers did a great job of executing that.

Alexia Meyer, Megz & Virgil Gadson | Contemporary | Choreographed by Dee Caspary
This one I thought was stunning, I bet you wouldn't know that two of these dancers are team street. This is the true beauty of this season, if you can embrace new types of dance and not be defined by the style you started with you'll go far. Virgil always makes me smile too, he just has a great presence.

Jaja and Jim Nowakowski | Hip Hop | Choreographed by Chris Scott
This performance was IT! First of all Jaja has auditioned before so I have been a fan for a couple seasons but what I really liked about her in this performance was the fact that she was so feminine, which is something you don't usually get form her. In her style she is always very hard, which is a lot of what I like about her, but it was nice to see her become a chameleon. Now Jim, oh Jim, THIS DUDE IS A BALLET DANCER! Look at him hunching those shoulders, and getting funky! I think the next quote sums it up best:

I didn’t see a ballet dancer up there, I saw a dancer, I saw a performer, I saw a bright shining star.
— Jason Derulo

Team Street | Choreographed by Chris Scott & Phillip Chbeeb
The see saw idea was epic, do I think #TeamStreet executed it the best they could, no. There were great moments but they definitely had to be tighter when working on those see saws. Really awesome idea though.

Team Stage | Choreographed by Travis Wall
Well I think the fact that this routine got a standing ovation from the judges says it all. This piece was S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G! So powerful and when Alexia is literally flying through the air and she looks anything but tense was definitely my my favourite moment. Can't say much more than that except, WOW!