SYTYCD: Top 18 Perform

Seriously, the biggest lesson I learned from this episode is to never under estimate. Hip hop has this weird stigma attached to it. I get the feeling that most people think that there isn't more for hip hop dancers than hip hop and as you can see from my choices below that is sooo untrue. Without further adieu, my picks! This week I added a "worst of the night" to make things a little more dramatic. So up first is the one I enjoyed least.

Ariana, Gaby & Burim | African Jazz | Sean Cheesman
Okay so, this one was a let down for me because I so badly wanted it to be good. The choreography was amazing (shout out to Sean Cheesman) and I loved the music but they were so out of sync as a group and I was just really let down. They are all great dancers in their styles but you need to work harder to become more rounded as a performer, especially for this show.

Alexia, Jaja & Derek | Contemporary | Choreographed by Stacey Tookey
WOW! Jaja is damn incredible! She reminds me a lot of So You Think You Can Dance Season 4 winner Joshua Allen. He is this big teddy bear who was all hip hop but he never failed to amaze me in other styles such as contemporary, jazz, salsa, etc. and that is exactly what Jaja is doing. She is completely out of her element and she is thriving. She is easily a front runner for me. Over all in this routine it was the simple things, the emotional pauses, the sudden hits that made this one special for me. Great choreography and beautiful dancers!

During your life bloom wherever you’re planted, and that’s what you’re doing.
— Nigel Lythgoe (to Jaja)

Kate & Neptune | Contemporary | Choreographed by Justine Giles
Seriously, Neptune danced straight from the heart. This one was so incredible and I can see it being a favourite for years to come. The emotion was so beautiful and it was so real I could feel it. Honestly I couldn't take my eyes off him, he was intricate and sharp when he needed to be (which is his strong suit) but he was able to flow and be soft when necessary. He truly proved himself as a well rounded artist to me last night. This is exactly what I love about dance right here in this piece.

Hailee & Virgil | Hip Hop | Choreographed by Pharside & Phoenix
Well, we all know I love Virgil so this was inevitable but can we talk about Hailee?! COME ON! She killed this routine and she totally fits my theme of don't under estimate. She came out very strong in this routine. Both of their acting skills came out in this which was fun to see, what you don't see in this clip is they stayed in character the entire time the judges spoke to them which was fun too!

Team Stage | Choreographed by Jaci Royal
Stunning. Not much else to say, They are so incredibly together, their timing is unreal. In particular on all those lifts. I had serious chills, the way they all work together is incredible. Another strong week for Team Stage!

Team Street | Choreographed by Marty Kudelka
Marty did an incredible job of playing to the dancers strengths. He featured dancers in their styles and I think this is the most cohesive I have ever seen this group. Also, watch their faces, faces in gritty hip hop like this is my favourite, Jaja especially, she makes me want to be the ultimate badass.

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