SYTYCD: Top 14 Perform

Team Street finally won over team stage this week? What did I say in my last post? "I think this is their week to tip the scales!" and the DID! Things you should know before my next post. They eliminated 4 people tonight so there is now an official top 10! The 4 that went home today were Ariana Crowder and Yorelis Apolinario from team street and Alexia Meyer and Kate Harpootlian from team stage.

Yorelis Apolinario and Jim Nowakowski | Jazz | Choreographed by Sonya Tayeh
By far the most intriguing I have seen in a long time, Sonya is fucking brilliant! The music was so cool and the interactions between Jim and Yorelis were very dependant and I liked that. If Yorelis did this piece last week I think she would have stayed.

Gaby Diaz and Neptune | Contemporary | Choreographed by Stacey Tookey
So much emotion, I love it! I like seeing Neptune out of his element and giving it 110%. A Beautiful song for two beautiful dancers, not much more to say than that!

Hailee Payne and Virgil Gadson | Contemporary | Choreographed by Tyce Diorio
Easily favourite of the night, doesn't quite top the Megz and Edson routine from last week but the choreography is stunning. My favourite part would have to be the ending where Hailee hooks her feet around Virgil's legs as he walks backwards, it was a powerful moment. Now I don't often disagree with Nigel "THE MAN" Lythgoe but he said Virgil's lack of technique showed in this piece and I could not disagree more, Virgil be killin' it!

Alexia Meyer and Ariana Crowder perform a Jazz routine choreographed by Tracy & Dominic
This one was just super weird. I hated the style and choreography, maybe it would have been better on two dancers that were better in-sync and who had maybe been dancing together for some years but it was not working on Alexia and Ariana. I think the choreography was trying too hard to be sexy and it didn't pan out.

Team Street | Choreographed by Pharside & Phoenix
I did not like this at all, the costumes were distracting I hated the music and Sonya Tayeh choreographed for team stage this week so I think the scales have been tipped back.

Team Stage | Choreographed by Sonya Tayeh
WOW! Only thing I didn't like was the final reach to the camera at the very end, it felt weird. Very together and when there is so much going on on different levels all over the stage that can be hard. I loved the choreography and it was beautifully performed.

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