SYTYCD: Top 10 Perform

Last night was ALL STAR NIGHT! Since their are only 10 dancers left and two hours to fill each of the 10 dancers was partnered with a So You Think You Can Dance All Star, and the results were beautiful!

Hailee Payne & Brandon Bryant | Broadway | Choreographed by Warren Carlyle
Sometimes you just need a good ol' Broadway routine for a pick me up. Hailee was a shining star in this one. Not only is she great in her techniques and movement but her expressions were always spot on. I really enjoyed this piece.

Jaja and Alex Wong | Bollywood | Choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan
This routine was FAAAAAAST but a lot of fun! I've never done a bollywood routine myself but it looks like it would be so fun, a lot of work, but a lot of fun! I felt the expressions that Jaja usually uses worked really well for her throughout this routine. She kept her energy high and she nailed it again!

Gaby Diaz & Joshua Allen | Hip Hop | Choreographed by Pharside & Phoenix
Easily my favourite number of the night, Gaby was KILLIN' IT! I loved seeing this hard sassy side of her because she's naturally so cute so it was great to see a different side of her. I also LOVE Joshua Allen, he was my favourite on his season.

P.S. Gurl can TWERK!

Since there were solo's last night I picked my favourites, no explanation (except GIRL POWER), just watch!

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