SYTYCD: Top 16 Perform

So last week I focused on stage vs. street and this week I want to focus just on the dance. This week I had an unbelievably hard time choosing which I liked best. All of the routines were so good and everyone, regardless of where they started, stepped up to the plate and nailed what they were given. So here are my top 3 and then my thoughts on stage and street numbers.

Jaja and Hailee Payne | Jazz | Choreographed by Ray Leeper
You simply can't lose with "Endangered Species" by Dianne Reeves featuring two strong and capable women, you just can't. As you saw from Hailee's routine last week she has character oozing from every pore so her facial expressions were on point the entire time. Jaja was also very expressive and I think in this routine her expressions were maybe a little easier than in weeks past because she was able to be hard in this number like in her hip hop routines so you could see her hip hop face come out once and a while and I liked that.

Gaby Diaz and Virgil Gadson | Broadway | Choreographed by Al Blackstone
This was just SO FUN! I mean as broadway styles always are but I really enjoyed these two together. They played off each other really well and I like how Al Blackstone played on their height differences in this piece. I also love that he used Gaby's tap skills. Also, I find that with broadway numbers expressions can be a little over done but they did a great job of keeping there expressions at just the right level.

Megz and Edson Juarez | Contemporary | Choreographed by Talia Favia
Incredible, I'll be honest, it made me cry. I haven't had a piece that made me feel like that since The Bench in season 2. Both dancers were stunning and it doesn't get much more beautiful than that. This was Talia Favia's first time choreographing on the show and all I can say is "wow".

Team Stage | Choreographed by Travis Wall
Very cool concept and there was a lot of work put into making it the "ghostly" thing work, and it did, but I feel like there was very little group work and when there was some dancers were off. 

Team Street | Choreographed by Luam
This one was STRONG! Luam did a great job with this group, it gave me chills! Team Street has yet to beat Team Stage but they came very close last week and I think this is their week to tip the scales! 

Brittany MayComment