The Weakerthans

The Weakerthans played last night and they were AWESOME! I mean I love their sound, to begin with, but hearing them live is a different experience. They started their four-day return to their hometown with their first album Fallow at The Royal Albert Arms. Then moving to The West End Cultural Centre with the album Left and Leaving. On Friday they played their album Reconstruction Site at The Pyramid Cabaret. Last night was supposed to be the Reunion Tour album at the Burton Cummings Theatre. Instead of only playing Reunion Tour they played all four of their albums something they have never done said John K. Samson their lead singer. The folk rock band kept the audience's attention for the four-hour show. "There won't be an encore... for obvious reasons." joked Samson.

Members Stephen Carroll, John K. Samson, Greg Smith and Jason Tait all have their own quirks, as most musicians do. Bassist Greg is not your regular statue player, he is the mover, using the stage playing off other members he's really fun to watch. Stephen plays the guitar, which he likes to play on his knees, as well as the keyboard. Rusty Matyas has been playing with The Weakerthans for their whole tour as well as being the front man for the opening band Imaginary Cities. Rusty broke strings on two guitars last night playing so hard. He had to keep sending them back stage. And John K. Samson has a very unique voice and likes to play on his tippy toes. Also for the second half of the show John rocked a "Judy for Mayor" t-shirt. The show was unpolished but that's what I loved about it. It was real, five guys doing what they love. They had some big fans in the balconies dancing the whole way through.

Imaginary Cities was a great opening band. I had never heard their music before but I absolutely loved listening to lead singer Marti Sarbit. She had a stunning voice, gave me goose bumps through their whole set.

Left and Leaving - The Weakerthans

1. Everything Must Go! / 2. Aside / 3. Watermark / 4. Pamphleteer / 5. This Is a Fire Door, Never Leave Open / 6. Without Mythologies / 7. Left and Leaving / 8. Elegy for Elsabet / 9. History to the Defeated / 10. Exiles Among You / 11. My Favourite Chords / 12. Slips and Tangles

*In bold are my favourites

Sisterhood Everlasting

Sisterhood Everlasting

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