California - Day 1

What I have learned on my trip so far:

  • They love Jack in the Box, there is one about every mile.
  • If you blast Katy Perry’s “California Girls” in your rented car with the windows down the locals WILL stare.
  • Around mothers day they sell bouquets of flowers on the street.
  • Putting sand on your sisters tongue WILL make her stop talking.
  • Kelp fights are hilarious to watch.
  • You can ride a mobile hammock.
  • I must own a beach cruiser or a quike.

So I made it to California with my family, my clothes and two fully inflated lungs. Yesterday involved a lot of travelling and resting so I am going to count today as day one. We went to Huntington Beach to soak up the sun. The day began pretty cloudy, all you Winnipeggers are laughing, BUT the sun prevailed despite what the KTLA news man said this morning.

We lounged for a bit then decided we wanted to get a little exercise so we took out a quike and it was hilarious. We raced with a few other families… and we won, no big deal. We walked out to the pier and found some street performers doing flips and asking for my money. We did some shore front shopping and then went to Ruby’s for dinner.

Ruby’s made another one of my dreams come true, eating in a 50′s style diner. It was really cool, right on the end of the pier in the middle of the ocean. They wore red and white striped dresses and diner caps the Coca-Cola memorabilia littering the walls, checkered floors and black topped bar stools. It was a very quick get in get out kind of place but good food none the less. We ended off the day with a walk along the beach and a view of the lovely California sunset. It’s off to bed for me soon tomorrow we are taking on Disney California Adventure Park and Paradise Pier Roller Coaster, Hollywood Pictures Backlot, Golden Gate, Cars Lot and “A Bug’s Land”. Tyler and I are going to take on all the rides and we will try to get Courtney on some too.

California - Day 2

The Help

The Help