California - Day 4

Walt Disney, what a beautiful, imaginative and magical man. honestly who doesn’t enjoy Disney? Today was for my grandpa who went into surgery yesterday and for my grandma (Rest In Peace) who, with my grandpa, took my father and his brothers to this magical land in the 70s and made them ride “It’s a Small World” twice after they made her ride the Matterhorn Rollercoaster. It’s a Small World was fantastic though the song does stick with you. The Matterhorn was closed today to my dismay, but my family took solace in Splash Mountain… We rode it 3 times.

The first one we gravitated towards was the Thunder Mountain Railroad and being that Space Mountain and the Matterhorn were closed it was a pretty darn good rollercoaster. We took some easy rides like the train around the perimeter of the park and the Jungle Cruise but some of my faves were Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and Tom Sawyer’s Island where you take a raft to an island and get to explore pirates caves and secret hide aways. All in all it was a very tiring day. If you decide to go wear good shoes and write down where you parked your car because we forgot. Just sayin’ anywoo goodnight chumps, it’s Universal Studios for me tomorrow.

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