Trampled by Turtles

Live music is really unbelievable. Trampled By Turtles played at the West End Cultural Centre on Thursday evening they are a blue grass band from Duluth, Minnesota. When you listen to these guys you will find your head bobbing or your toe tapping. Though I learned last night that watching and listening live is so much more of an experience. They’ve got the bass, the guitar, the banjo, the fiddle and the mandolin and its amazing to see these instruments live. Ryan Young, who plays the fiddle, played it so hard that he was sawing the side of his fiddle creating smoke and saw dust.

Besides how awestruck I am the music was great and lead singer DaveSimonett and mandolin player ErikBerry interacted with the crowd very well. One thing I appreciate most about live shows at smaller venues is the interaction between musician and fans and the humbleness of it all. For instance some girls right up front were adding songs to the set list and they decided to play one of the songs she had written down because it was her birthday. Simonett joked, “these girls over here are tampering with our set list, I thank you for knowing our songs.”

They closed the show with "Wait So Long" and then slowed things down with "Again". They said their goodbyes and left the stage. That’s when the chanting began. “ONE MORE SONG” with rhythmic clapping and then escalated to stomping. One of my friends noted how aggressive the chanting was getting. Eventually they came back and played two more songs.

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