Travel West

Travel West

Okay so because I'm either insanely anal about planning or I'm just really excited for my trip I have started planning out our roadside stops when my sister and I head west. It's how I am going to stay excited about this trip until the end of July, only 121 days... I've added comments to the places I've already been, if there are no comments it's something NEW!

Lookout Tower, Saskatchewan

look out tower

So there isn't a whole lot of new things for a prairie girl to see until Alberta though there is this beautiful lookout in Saskatchewan that we used to stop at when road-tripping with our parents. I don't think this is the exact one but it sure looks like it.

Johnston Canyon, Alberta

Johnston Canyon Waterfall

I've been to Johnston Canyon once before, but I would love to go again. Great hike that starts out easy and gets progressively more rugged and difficult but there is an easy turn off to go back if you need. Located about 2 hours outside Calgary.

Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise

I feel like you can't travel west without stopping at Lake Louise. We usually take in the sights walk around the hotel and shops, once we canoed in the lake but I'd like to do some hiking this time if we can! Located in Banff National Park.

Three Valley Gap, British Columbia

Three Valley Gap

This is likely THE most eclectic hotel you could possibly stay in. Three Valley Gap has always been somewhere we've stayed. We won't get around to having an over night here but we will likely stop for a bite to eat. OH, and there is also a ghost town you can tour! Located South West of Revelstoke.

Bridal Falls, British Columbia

Bridal Falls

Went to Bridal Falls once before it's beautiful, the falls drop approximately 400 feet! Located between Hope and Chilliwack.

Lynn Canyon, Vancouver, British Columbia

Twin Falls at Lynn Canyon

Located in North Vancouver.

Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia

granville island

I would relate this beauty of an island to The Forks Market here in Winnipeg. Lots of shops, restaurants and an indoor market. What we don't have at The Forks Market is a beautiful ocean view! Located in the heart of Vancouver.

Gastown, Vancouver, British Columbia


Located in the heart of Vancouver.

Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, British Columbia

View from grouse mountain

Going to keep this beautiful vision in my head as I huff and puff climbing up the damn mountain for the SECOND time which is 2.9 km up hill! May we all pray I survive. Located in North Vancouver.

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Some sights just never get old. Going to try to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge again, because it's beautiful! It's 460ft long and was built in 1889 by George Grant Mackay, a Scottish civil engineer and park commissioner. Located in North Vancouver.

Lighthouse Park, Vancouver, British Columbia

Lighthouse Park

Located in West Vancouver.

Britannia Beach, British Columbia

Room with the view

Located about 45 minutes North of Vancouver on the Sea-to-Sky Highway.

Shannon Falls, British Columbia

Halfway Up Shannon Falls

Located about 50 minutes North of Vancouver on the Sea-to-Sky Highway.

Keyhole Hot springs, British Columbia

Keyhole with Hannah2015-7202

Located about 2.5 hours North of Whistler.

Ziptrek Eco Tour, Whistler, British Columbia

We've done this bad boy before and I'm super stoked to be doing it again! Ziptrek Ecotours takes you on a walking and zip-lining tour through the trees of Whistler. The Ziptrek tour in Whistler is home to the longest zip-line in the US and Canada! Located at the base of the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.

Peak 2 Peak Gondola, Whistler, British Columbia

Peak to Peak

Located at the peaks of the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains

Butchart Gardens, Brentwood Bay, British Columbia

Butchart gardens

Located about a half an hour North of Victoria in Brentwood Bay.

Fisherman's Wharf, Victoria, British Columbia

Fisherman's Wharf

Located in James Bay, Victoria, British Columbia

Downtown Victoria, British Columbia

The Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC

Be it the beautiful harbour view, The Fairmont Empress or the Parliament Building, downtown Victoria is just a stunner! Located in the heart of Victoria.

Englishman River Falls, British Columbia

Upper Englishman River Falls

Located about 45 minutes North of Nanaimo.

Old Country Market, Coombs, British Columbia

Goat on the Roof

If you only go one place in Coombs make sure it's The Old Country Market! Home to goats... ON THE ROOF! Located 40 minutes North of Victoria.

Mackenzie Beach, British Columbia

Mackenzie Beach rocks

This view was always the goal for us. We usually spent 7 days here running, exploring and climbing on just about anything. This will be the first time camping at Bella Pacifica Campground as we usually stayed at the Ocean Village Resort just down the beach. Located 7 minutes from Tofino, British Columbia.

Bomber Trail, British Columbia

vancouverisland 535

Located in the Pacific Rim National Park.

Jamie's Whale Watching, Tofino, British Columbia

Whale watching - Tofino

Dock Located in Tofino.

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Emily Senyk

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