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Creating Personal Goals

So, I’ve never really been a “resolution” person and I still don’t really like the idea because improving yourself isn’t linear and should not be determined by a new year, it should be consistent little things that you work on all the time.  

I Deserve Those Flowers

I don't want flowers, I don't need flowers, but I deserve those flowers. I have always had an incredible example of love to look up to my entire life. My parents still act like they fell in love yesterday.

The Value of Happiness

Being a hard worker is in my blood. I constantly surprise people with my work ethic, mostly because I think some older generations assume that all millennials are selfish, lazy and entitled. Truth is, we ARE selfish but not in the way you may think.

The Year of Me

Apologies as I have not posted in a while, life has been crazy and I have moved to this fancy new website! I don't usually do personal posts but I felt the urge to share recently. I feel like talking about the quality of life and how each individual has the choice of making the most out of life.

Growing Up Skinny

skin·ny /ˈskinē/ adjective 1. (of a person or part of their body) very thin. "her skinny arms" synonyms: thin, scrawny, scraggy, bony, angular, rawboned, hollow-cheeked, gaunt, as thin as a rake, skin-and-bones, sticklike, emaciated, waiflike, skeletal, pinched, undernourished, underfed;