Creating Personal Goals

Creating Personal Goals


So, I’ve never really been a “resolution” person and I still don’t really like the idea because improving yourself isn’t linear and should not be determined by a new year, it should be consistent little things that you work on all the time.

I am however, a big believer in goals (to be clear, attainable goals) and I’ve heard a lot about how speaking your goals and manifestations aloud or writing them down sends it out into the universe to make it true and I'll be honest I thought it was shit (no offence) until I looked back at my list of 12 goals that I made at the beginning of 2018. I was not exactly thrilled with my life situation at that point (besides the amazing new job I took) but looking back at all I’ve accomplished this year I’m super happy with where I am today.

In this post I’m going to share my goals, how I went about reaching them and if I have yet. Here we go!

  1. Stop spending money on stupid shit.
    I've become better at talking myself out of things I don’t need but sometimes I give into the “treat yo self” mentality because, well, I deserve it. I’ve always been the type of person that when I see something and want it I have to get it and get it NOW (within reason of course) so this one was hard for me. I have separate financial goals set which helped with this one. Having financial goals of buying a home, savings for an emergency fund and saving for a new laptop really helps when you’re trying to talk yourself out of buying that cute dress you know you’d look bomb in but really have nowhere to wear it to!

  2. Be better to my body.
    This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m a thin person and always have been but that does not mean I work out on a regular basis or that I only eat salads, in fact, until recently I didn’t work out at all and I love burgers and bacon so there we have it.

    I used to be a dancer and I would dance 9-10 hours a week. The thing with dance though was that it never felt like exercise because it was something I genuinely enjoyed that was disguised as exercise. Since I stopped dancing competitively at 20 I just haven’t been exercising. I started walking to work a few years ago which is 40 minutes one way but it just wasn’t feeling like enough recently so I decided to join The Fit Girl Gang (TFGG). I’ve recently fallen off the wagon with this one but good news is that round 5 is starting soon which means new workouts and new motivation. The wonderful thing about TFGG is that even if it’s not a TFGG work out every day I found motivation to do SOMETHING every day like along walk or a yoga class and if I’m really wanting to tear it up I’ll get out my TFGG stuff. The community that has been created with TFGG is really what makes it, you realize that other women struggle with keeping a schedule or doing all the reps and it’s nice to know we’re all in it together.

    A smaller thing that happened by accident was giving up coffee. When I was on holidays I was somehow drinking less coffee and I just never went back. I switched to black tea and then from there I switched to green tea. The switch has added to my water intake and has been so much nicer to my stomach and has helped a lot with my anxiety. Before you coffee drinkers get all twitchy I haven’t TOTALLY given up coffee, I still enjoy a delicious cup on weekends and the odd Starbucks run during the week.

  3. Do more yoga.
    My mom has really committed to doing yoga on a regular basis and I wanted to do the same to quiet my anxious mind so I started joining her once a week at Yoga Public here in Winnipeg and I love it. I’ve also found free classes on YouTube through Yoga With Adriene so I can practice at home when I don’t feel like leaving the house. We slacked over the holidays but we’re getting back on track this month!

  4. Be present.
    This is an on going one. I think society’s biggest hurdle with being present is social media. I think social media is amazing, so much so that I’ve turned it into a career but the best Instagram post I’ve seen in a while was one that read, “stop scrolling in the morning” and I’ve been trying my best to apply this to my life ever since. At 10:00 PM my phone switches to “Do Not Disturb” and doesn’t come off “Do Not Disturb” until I’m out the door to work at 8:00 AM. As great as social media is it can be totally toxic and really affect your mental health so turning it off and being present is ALWAYS a good idea. Since it’s a part of my job I have to work at finding a balance. 

  5. Travel somewhere new (even if it isn’t far).
    I went out to the Whiteshell in Manitoba with 3 girlfriends on our annual summer camping trip. I’ve been to the Whiteshell before but we went around to some really beautiful sights that I had no idea existed in this very flat province. So if you ever get the chance check out Opapiskaw Campground, Pine Point Rapids and White Lake.

  6. See more of Manitoba.
    See above. Also recently went back to Boissevain, Manitoba which is where my dad is from originally but my grandpa still lives there. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much is going on there for millennials. With a new art gallery, a farmers market and a wood fire pizzeria on the way they’re doing something right!

  7. Keep drinking water.
    Getting better at this every day. I work in an office where everyone basically only drinks water which helps but I’ve been trying to keep track of my water intake via the FitBit app which is free to download even if you don’t have one and that’s been quite helpful.

  8. Drink less alcohol.
    A tougher one for me because I like my wine. Once I hit three drinks another one always sounds like a good idea and it never is. When I was researching anxiety and little changes I can make on my own alcohol consumption was one of those changes, so I’m trying to limit myself to two drinks when I do indulge.

  9. Save more money.
    Paid off debt from my Europe trip and socked some cash away for my condo purchase. Reminding myself that it’s important to put money into savings even if it’s only $30 a paycheque.

  10. Buy that condo!
    In the nick of time I squeaked this goal out, I DID IT! I bought my first home and I did it all on my own. I’ve been saving since the day I started working and let me tell you, as a single person buying a home on my own wasn’t easy and I faced complications at several part of the process but luckily my family (specifically my parents) were with me the whole way but I did it and I’m extremely proud of myself.

  11. Have a morning routine.
    Since moving out on my own again the routine is DOWN! It’s a short routine and I definitely don’t get up any earlier but not having to share the bathroom has improved my morning process. Get up eat breakfast an watch my Forensic Files, wash my face, do my hair and make up, make my tea and out the door by 8:00 AM!

  12. Have an evening routine.
    Bath or shower, wash my face, TV off by 10, read my book for 30 mins to an hour, drink my camomile tea and let my eyes drift closed. Nice eh?

So, 2018 was pretty great. Many of my 2019 goals will be to keep up some of these just continuing to be better to myself which is something that we should all keep working on. 

Hope your 2019 is full of love, happiness and new experiences.

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