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Paper Towns

I would like to start off by saying I read this book over about 8 hours. An "easy read" doesn't seem like the proper term but I guess it is also classified as a young adult novel and I'd like to think my reading skill is above that...


All the way from the "Big Apple", MisterWives are an indie pop band that formed only last year. Made up of members MandyLee, EtienneBowler, WilliamHehir, Marc Campbell, and JesseBlum.

Oh Honey

Well, I was going to blog about another band but then I happened upon these beauties! I follow Hillary Duff on Instagram because who didn't love Lizzie McGuire? Anyway, she was taking in a concert last night and tagged this band in an Instagram photo so I decided to check them out on SoundCloud. A good 10 seconds in to the first song and I was sold!