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Jaclyn Leskiw

Jaclyn Leskiw is a wedding and boudoir photographer in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Who took a chance on herself and her business to create Jaclyn Leskiw Photography so she could follow her passion and her dreams.

Danielle Grenier

What is it that empowers you most?
Surrounding myself with like-minded women. I love sitting and talking with other women who are chasing their goals and dreams. I love to feed off their energy and allow it to fuel my next step, whether it’s for my own personal growth or growth of my business.

Michelle Stevens

What is it that empowers you most? 
I feel empowered when I am working in a team that relies on my expertise to accomplish or create a plan. I love feeling that I am the "expert in my field" in the room. As a Registered Dietitian I love collaborating ideas with the health team to create a plan to help our patient.