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The Head and The Heart

These beauties just announced their tour beginning in October with their new album Signs of Light out on September 9! We may not be getting much new material when they're here in July for Folk Fest but maybe they will sample us some of their new songs... Hinting. 

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan is a South African-born Australian singer, songwriter, actor and YouTuber. He has also done quite a bit of acting in the X-Men and Spud franchises.

A Tribe Called Red

I had the pleasure of meeting A Tribe Called Red when working at Native Communications Inc. and Rhythm FM. I was fortunate enough to congratulate them on their JUNO win in 2014 for Breakthrough Group of the Year.

Mumford & Sons with Baaba Maal

I'm just going to leave this here... Mumford & Sons teamed up with Senegalese singer and guitarist, Baaba Maal, born in Podor. He is well known in Africa and is one of Senegal's most famous musicians. He is also well known internationally. 


Indie Folk Musician Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogarde better known as Birdy is a singer/songwriter from Lymington, Hampshire, United Kingdom. 

Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham is a pop-rock band from Denmark, the band is made up of  Lukas Graham Forchhammer (vocals), Mark "Lovestick" Falgren (drums), Magnus “Magnúm” Larsson (bass) and Kasper Daugaard (keyboard). 


Lissie was introduced to me by yet another cousin of mine, I was gifted her second studio album for my 24th birthday. Elisabeth Corrin Maurus, better known by her stage name Lissie, is a singer-songwriter from Rock Island, Illinois. 

The Lumineers

I think it was about 3 or 4 years ago now that my cousin Ryan (I have like 3 cosins that I use as sources for new music) told me about the Lumineers. I listened to "Ho Hey" and that was it, I was hooked. 

Music of 2015

Here are some of my favourite songs of 2015! I know I'm late but I wanted to wait until the bitter end in case the Biebs decided to drop another banger... He didn't. These songs aren't "the best" and I don't really care if you like them but here are 50 songs that I played on repeat in 2015!

Bear's Den

I thought I had done a full post on them before, but apparently I just mentioned them in a year end round up, Music of 2014. They deserve more than a mention and anyway my favourite song has changed since then.