The Value of Happiness

Being a hard worker is in my blood. I constantly surprise people with my work ethic, mostly because I think some older generations assume that all millennials are selfish, lazy and entitled. Truth is, we ARE selfish but not in the way you may think.

My mothers parents dropped out of school in their early teens to help support their families. Obviously back then this wasn't unheard of. They met after my grandmother started working at Prairie Maid, a puffed wheat factory here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. My grandpa worked in the warehouse and my grandma spent her days bagging and tying puffed wheat on the assembly line. Sounds glamorous right? Nanny, if you're reading no disrespect I promise there is a point to be made.

Not only did my grandparents work in the puffed wheat factory but they also took on extra jobs to put their five (yes, FIVE) children through school. I know all of this because my grandmother, TO THIS DAY, talks about how much fun she had at every single one of her jobs. Whether it be playing cards in the lunchroom at the factory or busting a gut at their custodial job, my grandparents always had a great time working.

it’s only because we are looking for somewhere we can be happy, work hard and ultimately grow. Why? Because we can.

Now, my parents are both bankers and that has definitely made me financially conscious. I knew growing up that I needed a job that would "keep food on the table" (obviously). But, constantly itching at the back of my head is the reminder of all the beautiful stories that my grandma shared with me about working and how much she LOVED going to work everyday.

I knew, above all, that being happy in a job is what I wanted.

I've been told numerous times that salary should be number one on my list of requirements when searching for a job; while this is important, it's certainly not what I base my career decisions on. Someone also said to me once "your generation hops from job to job" and while this might be true, it's only because we are looking for somewhere we can be happy, work hard and ultimately grow. Why? Because we can.

I have the ability to search for something that makes me happy because of all the hard work my grandparents and parents did and that's something I will never take for granted. I don't want to be stuck in a job where I wake up each morning already hating the day. No amount of money can make up for my happiness. 

So yes, us millennials are selfish, when it comes to our happiness.