Femme Tracks #1


Be Careful by Cardi B

You've heard of her, she needs no introduction! During the 2017 MTV VMA's I saw her statement on Colin Kaepernick before intro-ing a musical guest and I remember thinking who is this person? In those few moments I saw so much personality and I LIVED for it. I immediately looked her up and started following her on all social media and learned so much about her and the tough life she's had. She's open, honest, funny as hell AND she makes wicked music. She caught you with "Bodak Yellow" and "Finesse" but she'll keep you with every single track on her debut album Invasion of Privacy.


Sorry by Beyoncé

Okay, so, no she hasn't put anything new out since April 2016 (not that I'm counting or anything...) but she has given birth to twins, launched On The Run II with husband Jay Z and will perform at Coachella THIS WEEKEND! And even BETTER news she has given Coachella the okay to live stream her performance! You can watch in your undies from your bed on YouTube here, until then enjoy my favourite track off of LEMONADE below. 


Nice For What by Drake

I primarily want to reserve this website and space for cis AND trans women, non-binary individuals, two-spirit people and LGBTQIA folks BUT DAMN DRAKE! For his latest track "Nice For What" not only did Drake include a whole whack of women in his video but he sourced the expertise of 22-year-old Karena Evans to direct the video. The video features: Olivia Wilde, Misty Copeland, Issa Rae, Rashida Jones, Jourdan Dunn, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tiffany Haddish, Yara Shahidi, Zoe Saldana, Elizabeth Lejonhjärta, Victoria Lejonhjärta, Letitia Wright, Bria Vinaite, Emma Roberts, Syd and Michelle Rodriguez. If you haven't seen in it don't sleep on it!