I Deserve Those Flowers

I don't want flowers, I don't need flowers, but I deserve those flowers.

I have always had an incredible example of love to look up to my entire life. My parents seem as if they fell in love yesterday. I always act disgusted when they're kissing or saying cute things to each other but I’m smiling my biggest smile on the inside.

I’m a very curious person, and as I've grown older and started having relationships of my own I began to observe my dad and how he treats my mom. After 30 years together he still calls her his bride, holds her hand while they watch movies and writes “I love you ‘B’” on our front street in chalk.

One example that has made a big impact on me happened a few months after a bad break up. My dad and I were at the supermarket on our way to the checkout when we walked passed the floral department. My dad stopped, picked out the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and set them on top of the cart. He then turned to me and said, “your mom was having a bad day.”

That, that right there is what I deserve. No, it doesn't have to be flowers, or chocolates or wine. It could be a loaf of bread or a hand written note. I deserve someone who thinks about me and considers my feelings.

This is where I’ve set my bar. I'm so thankful to be a creation of such beautiful love and, as a woman, to have a father that shows me everyday how a husband should treat his wife.

I love you mom and dad and will always be so grateful for you both.