Michelle Stevens


What is it that empowers you most? 
I feel empowered when I am working in a team that relies on my expertise to accomplish or create a plan. I love feeling that I am the "expert in my field" in the room. As a Registered Dietitian I love collaborating ideas with the health team to create a plan to help our patient. This way I can be a leader in nutrition but a team member of the health team and I love that mix. 
What is it that you love most about yourself? 
I love my extrovertness and my optimism! I love that I am unapologetically myself and that I have the ability to go up to people and start a conversation. I also think I'm funny so that's a plus. 
What makes you feel most beautiful? 
Dancing. All the time, anywhere, to whatever music. I love feeling the rhythm, making up choreography and getting lost in the movements. 
Who is your biggest role model and why? 
It is hard to pick just one. I look up to my grandmother a lot as she has had to be independent from an early age. She is such a strong women and has raised my mom who is awesome. She laughs easy, is kind and warm.

My Mom is my role model as well she is an amazing teacher, caregiver and friend. She has taught me about sacrifice, loving unconditionally and about relationships. My friends are my role models because they are all so wonderful, loyal and honestly the coolest people I know and have the pleasure to be around. 
Who are your favourite cultural heroines and why? 
Hermione Granger, she never feels the need to hide her intelligence and wit. She is brave and cool in the face of danger and is always  true to herself and her friends.

Own your height!

If you could pick one fictional female character to be for a day who would it be and why?
I would be Professor McGonagall because she is a badass, a leader, nurturing and I would love to be a witch

What is your biggest life goal? 
To travel around the world and maybe live in a different country for awhile. I would love to be a clinical dietitian in Australia or Europe. 
What is your biggest accomplishment? 
Graduating from Human Nutritional Sciences and completing a year long internship. It has been a goal of mine to become a Registered Dietitian and being one today makes me very proud of the work and dedication that I have put into becoming one. 
What is your favourite quote? 
"No one looks stupid when they're having fun" - Amy Poehler

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light" - Albus Dumbledore (because harry potter is life!) 

If you could tell your 12 year old self one thing what would it be? 
Own your height! So many people wish they could be tall, you got it going on!
What does feminism mean to you?
Equality for men and women. Mutual respect for all. Plain and simple.

Michelle is a Clinical Dietitian at the Women's Hospital at Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada